Englesby Intro

Rhododendron Falls in Englesby Brook
Englesby Brook is an urban stream that originates within the Burlington Country Club and University of Vermont (UVM) properties and empties into Lake Champlain near Blanchard Beach and Oakledge Park. Englesby Brook Watershed is primarily located in Burlington, with a small area in South Burlington.

While some areas of the brook fall within private property, one section, named Crescent Woods, is public land (see the Ecology page for more information on Crescent Woods).

Englesby Brook is currently considered an impaired watershed, meaning it does not comply with standards imposed by the Clean Water Act. It is important that the brook be managed in order to comply with the Clean Water Act, but also to provide a healthy habitat for resident plants and animals (including humans!).

During our explorations of Englesby Brook in the Spring of 2012 for a UVM graduate course, we stumbled upon many stories: from the stone bridge that we think was owned by Henry Holt (of Henry Holt & Company Publishers) to the Sugar Maples that used to be tapped for syrup by a local resident to exploring the culvert ecology to the discovery that the Englesby Ravine was filled in with garbage fill where a Chinese food restaurant now sits.

We welcome you to explore our discoveries on the following pages: Maps, People, Ecology, & Visions.